Things to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Pet Carrier

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dog sleeping

These days, pets join us on almost every adventure. But what about a motorcycle adventure? … Yes, even on a motorcycle. With proper training and safety precautions, your dog can join you on your motorcycle trip.

A motorcycle is a vehicle that does not have space for transporting pets. If your pet is small, you can use special backpacks that will not interfere with driving a motorcycle (bicycle), while the motorcycle dog will be securely fixed on the back or chest. Take advantage of additional protection – helmets and goggles for dogs that protect against wind, dust, and foreign objects. If you have to travel for a long time, you can use a special Motorcycle Pet Carrier. You can securely attach it to the motorcycle tank or back seat. Moreover, it has the necessary ventilation, and you can conveniently and quickly attach and remove it (like a regular tank bag).

Types of carriers for pets

There are several types of carriers in the domestic market. Let’s consider each of them to make the selection process as conscious as possible. They differ in technical characteristics, size, and purpose.

Soft carry bag

A soft carrier for small pets – Outwardly, resembles a compact sports bag, equipped with a window for ventilation. It is very comfortable, easy to adjust.

Backpack for pets

The backpack is ideal for miniature dog breeds. Most models are equipped with a small window through which the dog watches what is happening. If the plastic window is additionally equipped with a metal mesh, it will increase safety and make the journey as comfortable as possible. You can choose a model that is attached to the owner’s back. But this option is suitable only for animals with a calm temperament, able to stay in a backpack and not see their owner calmly.

Plastic box

This option enjoys well-deserved recognition from the owners. Made of high-quality plastic has no unpleasant odor and washes perfectly and does not cause an allergic reaction in the pet. A correctly sized plastic box provides the pet with the opportunity to lie comfortably and turn inside the box. Such products can also be safely placed on a damp floor or dirty soil without the risk of wetting the pet’s bedding.  A plastic box used for travel must be equipped with double locks.

You have to know some key factors before buying a Motorcycle Pet Carrier. So let’s discuss them in detail.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Pet Carrier

If you are planning a motorcycle trip with your pet and confuse about how to buy a carrier, you must bear in mind the following features:


You must select material that is durable because the safety of your dog is more important. Fittings and seams must be strong. Fabric backpacks will fit the following types of materials:

  • nylon, including mesh;
  • cotton;
  • polyester;
  • water-repellent;
  • rubberized;

If the choice fell on a rigid structure, then the carrying case can be made of:

  • plastic or other polymeric materials;
  • hardened foam;
  • composite material.

Note! Often, manufacturers make a hard bottom and soft bedding; that is, something in between is obtained from different materials.

The material should be easy to clean, with a waterproof bottom and a sufficient amount of water-absorbing material (absorbent mat). The carrier must have a rim around the bottom to prevent the spilling of the absorbent material.


First of all, it is better to choose a carrier by bringing your pet with you. It means that it is better to take the dog to the store and put it in the carrier you like. If the animal whines or behaves agitated, then this model is definitely not suitable for him/her. Buy a carrier that is comfortable for the pet and you as well.

When choosing a carrier, be guided by its size: some models are not suitable for pets weighing more than 15 kg. If you have a large pet, you don’t need to put it in a small carrier simply because it’s cheaper. Also, do not buy a large-sized model: too large a carrier will not be convenient for you or your pet. The pet should be comfortable inside.

Solid Bottom

Remember that your pet needs solid ground under his/her feet. So don’t buy bags with a soft bottom that sags under the weight of the animal. Your pet will be very uncomfortable in such a model. The pet, litter, bowls of food, and a tray for natural needs should be placed inside. This is especially good for long trips.


Choose models with sight glass or holes. A pet needs to control what is happening around him/her. If there are not enough options in the carrier to view, the pet will start to panic. He/she can rush, yell, and ultimately harm itself.

Durable and Secure

Do not buy carriers that are thin or brittle. A pet that senses danger can literally disassemble poor-quality carriers into molecules. Therefore, please pay attention to every detail and its quality. The more violent your pet is, the stronger the carrier should be. The easiest option is to attach the carrier to the back of the mot. The main thing is to choose a more reliable mount so that the carrier does not go into a free flight.

Important Tips

  • Follow the safety concerns for motorcycle pet traveling.
  • Do not use a carrier taken from a friend. Any dog ​​sensitively smells a stranger, even if the thing has been processed.
  • It is necessary to choose a backpack according to the season; it is unacceptable for the dog to freeze or, conversely, it was too hot.
  • Don’t buy a carrier for a long trip that uses straw as bedding.

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Bottom Line

These criteria should be enough to help you find the best carrier for your cat. And then, your pet will be comfortable throughout the trip, and you will not worry about the animal’s safety.

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