Dog Proof Litter Box And How To Keep Your Dog Away From It?

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If you are an owner of a dog and cat living in the same home, you may notice that your dog tries to get inside the cat’s litter box and try to eat his/her poop. This can annoy you, but you should know that there is a specific reason behind this behavior. Mostly, cats cannot absorb protein properly, and their poop contains protein content. Your dog finds Nutrition value and eats it, but it doesn’t mean that it is safe for the dog. This behavior is called coprophagia; if your dog continues this practice, it can lead to serious health issues. 

A Dog Proof Litter Box is the only solution to this problem. It will keep the house clean and the cat happy. There are thousands of Dog Proof litter boxes available in the market, and you can buy them easily. But still, your dog tries to repeat this practice. You may be thinking about keeping your dog safe from this habit, so there is good news for you. We have gathered several strategies for keeping save your dog by using a dog proof litter box.

5 Strategies for Keeping a Dog Away From the Cat’s Poop

We have gathered the following eight strategies for the dogs to keep away and safe from cat’s excrement:


Place the Litter Box on a higher Place.

If you are using a closed tray, another problem may arise. The closed tray has one exit. If another animal blocks this exit while the cat is inside, then the cat can become very frightened, as it will be cornered. Such a situation may even provoke a cat attack on a dog, or it may cause the cat to look for a safer place for the toilet, and it is not a fact that this place will suit you. 

If your cat has no problem climbing and jumping high, then you can raise the litter box off the floor. You can place the tray on a cabinet, on a pedestal, on a specially constructed platform so that the dog cannot reach it. It makes no difference for a cat in good physical shape if the tray is on the floor, or a raised platform, as cats live in a vertical world and a horizontal one. Everything is pretty simple here. If the dog cannot physically reach the litter box, then it cannot eat feces and litter and cannot scare the cat in the litter box. But the key to properly installing the litter box is making it comfortable for the cat in the first place! 

If you have no other options for raising the litter box off the floor, but your cat is having trouble jumping, you can place a small cat complex with narrow ladder shelves next to the litter box to help the cat navigate the path to the litter box. There is no need to force the cat to perform a heroic feat whenever trying to get to the tray; otherwise, in the end, she may refuse to use it.

Cover By A Child Safety Gate


If you have a large dog, you can place the litter box in the room or a part of the room covered by a child safety gate. Raise the gate 15 cm from the floor so the cat can walk underneath, but the dog cannot get through. To build such a corner, you can use the ends of cabinets, pedestals, protrusions in the walls or doorways. If your gate is made of mesh, you can cut a cat passage in the middle of the gate, securing the lattice’s sharp edges with a wooden frame. 

If the dog is small and can fit under the gate, place the baby gate at an average height — a few centimeters from the floor — but place a box, stool, or other objects on the other side of the gate to help the cat climb over it. 

If you have a tiny dog and cannot jump high, you can use garden fences around the litter box. Place the tray against the wall and place a garden fence around in the shape of the letter “U.” A cat will easily overcome this obstacle, but a small dog or puppy will not.

Try An Auto-Cleaning Litter Box

You should clean the poop as soon as possible. Nowadays, many electronically self-cleaned litter boxes are available in the market that automatically removes your cat’s waste. But fast-moving dogs can still reach before the cleaning can take place. But it doesn’t mean that these litter boxes are useless; they are still convenient.

Cover The Litter Box 

You can cover the litter box and set up the opening that can be accessed by cats only. Usually, cats don’t like cover boxes and get nervous, but still, this is a good option. But don’t force the cat to enter the box. Make him/her feel comfortable and allow him/her to enter according to her mood. 

Keep your Dog Occupied

Maybe your dog eats poops because of boredom; in this case, distraction is a possible solution. Try setting your dog up with a treat, or give him some toys that help him to busy and stay away from the cat poop. 

Bottom Line

We have discussed why Dog proof Liter box is necessary and how you can keep the dog away from it. Don’t hesitate to experience more suitable options. Feel free to get in contact with us for any further suggestions. 


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