Best Toys For Pit Bulls

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Choosing toys for your bit can be a daunting task as pet stores today have a huge assortment of different dog toys. However, take this purchase seriously, as a toy is not just fun for a pit bull, but a way to get to know the outside world. Pitbull is known for his aggressive nature, so select a durable and long-lasting toy. You may be thinking, why a dog of aggressive nature needs a toy? So here we will explain:

Why Do Pit Bulls Need Toys?

  • Toys help your dog cope with boredom and loneliness while you are not at home.
  • Active play helps dogs to release stored energy and keep themselves in good physical shape.
  • The right toy will help you keep your shoes and furniture safe and sound and will also satisfy the dog’s natural need to “chew something.”
  • Toys for dogs are used for training, for example, to execute the command “Aport!”
  • Fun play is a great way to build a warm relationship with your puppy and help him adapt to a new place.

Toys For Pit Bulls

The following are some toys for pit bulls:

Wooden acorns

This toy combines the properties of real wood sticks with the durability of synthetic materials. This toy usually consists of non-toxic and durable material. Cotton rope attracts the pet and removes soft dental plaque; the toy floats on the water’s surface and smells pleasantly of wood.

Rope with a loofah

Cotton rope with the ball and loofah inserts. During the game, the teeth’ soft mechanical cleaning occurs since the toy’s large-fiber structure is ideal for removing dental plaque. While playing with them, animals can freely bite off pieces, tear them, and scratch, satisfying their hunting instinct.


Make it a toy, and you don’t have to brush your dog’s teeth.

This toy is designed to satisfy the dog’s natural chewing instinct. An innovative toy that promotes the dog’s oral health keeps the dog engaged for a long time. It is analogous to a toothbrush that helps you brush your teeth while your dog is chewing. Ribbed textures on all sides of the toy help remove plaque and massage the gums. It is recommended to use the toy together with dog toothpaste.

Chewing toys

Chewing toys help the Pit bulls to relieve stress, clean teeth, massage the gums, and are especially necessary for the puppy during the period of changing teeth. Chewers are most often made from rubber, vinyl, or rubber. These kinds of toys are suitable for pitbull puppies because they are more elastic and soft, do not injure the bite.

Toy Kong

We should also highlight  Kong toys made of special rubber and an excellent solution for teething puppies. Kong toys promote good behavior. Their main feature is that they can be filled with dry food, special dog treats, or fillers. Kong toys are designed to keep your pet in a good mood and prevent unwanted behavior.

Such a toy can help solve many behavioral problems: anxiety and boredom when experiencing separation and, as a result, chewing inedible objects, training to be alone, training to the cage, and so on. Playing with this toy, the dog constantly receives “reinforcement” (reward – treats).


Great toy for both pit bulldogs and puppies! A fun and active game with frisbee will diversify your walks and help you learn to feel each other better.

For dogs with strong jaws, durable rubber frisbees are ideal. For small dogs, the smaller ORKA Mini discs work well.

Consider your dog’s preferences and temperament.

All puppies and dogs vary in temperament, so try to accommodate your dog’s personality.

Does the dog spend endless time near the refrigerator, trying to get something tasty from under it? Delight him with Kong toys, which you can put a piece of food or treat.

Is your puppy guarding a pair of socks as a priceless treasure? Probably stuffed toys will suit him. Has your dog chewed on more than one pair of shoes and ate a table leg? Do not scold her too harshly, but rather buy durable rubber toys that she can chew.

Perhaps your dog is very energetic and will never give up playing fun? Stop your choice on a ball, frisbee, or flying toys – it will make your games with the dog really active.

If you have just brought a small puppy to the house and do not know his temperament, buy him 5-6 toys of different types to understand which ones he will like the most.

Safety Is Key

When choosing a toy for your puppy, first of all, please pay attention to his safety. Buy only specialized dog toys! Soft toys for children may contain styrofoam, plastic, and other small parts that, when ingested, can injure your dog’s esophagus or cause poisoning. Therefore, if you have children, try not to let the puppy play with their toys.

Toys should be made of safe, non-toxic materials that do not have an unpleasant specific odor. It is best to purchase latex, rubber, or vinyl toys.

Check their integrity regularly: if you find that your puppy’s toy is damaged, be sure to replace it. Under no circumstances should the dog be allowed to swallow the chewed off parts – this can lead to gastrointestinal tract problems.

How To Play With Your Pit Bull Correctly

To make the game enjoyable for both the dog and its owner, it is enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • it would be best if you played with a healthy dog ​​in the appropriate mood. For example, immediately after returning from work, when the animal is happily meeting with its beloved owner;
  • for the game, it is better to choose familiar places in which the dog feels confident (a yard of the house, training area);
  • toys for joint activities with the owner should not be left to the dog; it is better to hide them and take them out only for walks and games. The dog will quickly learn to recognize them and will rejoice from the anticipation of the game;
  • if the puppy gets tired quickly, do not force the game on him. It is better to play dosed so that the baby gets only joy from it;
  • choose toys according to the size of the dog and taking into account their interests. To keep them from fading away, you can periodically change items.

Of course, the dog should be rewarded for the desired behavior and active play – delicious food, praise, or stroking. Click here to buy more Pitbulls toys.


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