6 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit Bulls 

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Do you have a pitbull and want to buy toys for him? You are at the right place! Here, we will discuss the six best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit Bulls.

You go into a pet store, and your eyes just run-up. And you stand in a stupor. What to choose for a pit bull? After all, not every toy is suitable for this destructive personality. If your pitbull does not destroy anything, rejoice! You have a lucky exception to the rule. Otherwise, Pitbulls break the toys very quickly; only small pieces remain from toys. We went through this and figured out a few intricacies of choosing toys for a pit bull terrier.

6 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit bulls

The following are the 6 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit bulls. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Balls You should buy the balls made of solid rubber, cast, with a 7 to 9 cm diameter. It is better to select one-color, balls with streaks crack very quickly along the streak lines, and the dog swallows rubber pieces. Yes, these balls are heavy, but they live a very long time.

Balls on a rope are also suitable, but again, only made of solid rubber (sometimes they look like foam – they do not fit). But buy only expensive professional tennis balls! The ones that are for dogs or the cheapest sports ones burst at the seams within one walk.

IMPORTANT! The ball is intended to be played together. Don’t let your dog chew on it alone. Even the most robust ball ends up in her stomach.

  1. Ropes

It is an excellent choice for joint stretching and independent play. You can also hang a rope from a tree and let the pit bull hang from it instead of a branch. By playing with a rope, the teeth of your dog will be healthier. It is better to take with several knots and a handle (for dragging and hanging). Do not use the ball’s ropes; the ball will fly into pieces very quickly, and the pieces may be swallowed. The rope itself will lose threads during games, but pit bulls do not swallow them (in most cases).

Small ropes are comfortable for the dog but dangerous for playing together. Pitbull is passionate and can miss the rope and hit the arm. It hurts!

Important! If you are playing at home, be prepared to clean up. There will be many threads.

  1. Puller

Puller is more than a toy for your pitbull. You can use it as a fitness tool. The best part about this toy is that it is lightweight and allows the owners to efficiently train their dogs. They are designed in a way that will not damage the teeth of the dog.

The only negative: Some brands can break very quickly. They last for a maximum of two months of intensive walks (3-4 times a week). Then it is torn to pieces. And this is without dragging. Just jumping after it and running.

  1. Frisbees

The best dog Frisbee’s choice for a Pit Bull Terrier is the Jawz Disc. Rag, rubber, ordinary flying saucers are killed once or twice. But even Jaws is only suitable for co-op play. Don’t let your dog chew on your plate.

By the way, most pit bulls are very fond of catching cymbals. It is only necessary to start training correctly.

  1. Gryzak, Harness Lift

It is also the right choice for the tug. If the handle is strong, you can even hang. Some owners allow their pets to chew on gnawers. But most of the dogs manage to get to the filler and sometimes eat it.

  1. Wooden aport

It is used for training only. The owner must be with the pit bull when he is playing with this tool. When chewing on their own, Pit bulls can swallow it (very often), injure the mouth (often), grind their teeth prematurely (often enough), a chip can pass through the soft tissues of the mouth and get stuck in the cheek area and then only an operation (rarely, but it happens, we have it was).

The Toys that are not suitable for Pitbull

  • Toys made of latex and vinyl, with and without squeakers, are not suitable for an adult pit bull! Puppies can be wary, but it is better to choose something else. These toys are not durable. The pieces are easily swallowed.
  • Stuffed toys are only suitable for dogs that do not eat litter. Soft toys are also not durable.
  • Hollow balls and dumbbells, with or without squeakers, are also not ideal for Pit bulls.

Our Personal Experience

I opted for two molded rubber balls (large and medium) to run and train all the toys. A rope with three knots and a loop (one is almost intact for pulling and hanging from a tree, the second, two-year-old, almost dead, lies in a cage, and Indy periodically gnaws at it, but rarely).

So we have discussed the six best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit bulls that can help you play with your dog without any damage. Select those that you think are suitable for your Pit bulls.

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